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Corona Motor Worx is proud to offer the most important tool for improving the performance of your UTV, a state-of-the-art hub dynamometer. The Corona Motor Worx dyno is absolutely the answer to analyze the traction, torque, and tuning of your machine. 

The Corona Motorworx dyno is capable of a full 3400 horsepower and 9600 foot-pounds of axle torque. Our system maintains accuracy and repeatability by bolting your axle hubs directly to the dyno. You want to know what your UTV is capable of doing, and by eliminating potential variables you will gain the knowledge you crave. Rent time on our dyno and simulate 1/8th, ¼, or ½ mile runs with testing speeds of over 300 mph. Strapping your UTV onto our dyno is leaps and bounds more effective than renting a track or removing your engine for testing.  Your deposit claims either full-day or half-day use of the dyno, with the option of analysis and tuning from our expert technicians.

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